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Long Term Recovery Committee

A Long-Term Recovery Committee (LTRC) is an organized group formed in the immediate aftermath of an event that focuses their efforts and resources on meeting the unmet, uninsured, essential needs of disaster-affected individuals and families.

Sometimes LTRCs are referred to as “unmet needs committees.” These committees act as a sort of “safety net” for many people who are affected by disasters and have not been able to access assistance for various reasons. Not all disaster recovery needs of individuals and families can be fully addressed by traditional federal and state assistance programs. In most cases, local disasters will not result in a presidential declaration because thresholds have not been met. Consequently, federal disaster assistance will not be provided. Likewise, there is no guarantee that a local emergency or disaster will require state assistance. When federal or state assistance is provided, it may not meet all the needs of the disaster survivor.

This toolkit provides guidance on the steps necessary to organize and sustain a successful local LTRC, as well as information on how to stand-up a Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC). Included in the toolbox are two ready-to-use power point presentations on the critical steps necessary to form an LTRC and a checklist for hosting an organizational meeting, with suggestions as to who to invite. As a precursor to the LTRC, the toolkit also includes a streamlined guide on how to stand up a Multi-Agency Resource Center. Topics include: Planning (i.e. what services to provide), partner agencies (who should participate), site selection, daily operations, service delivery, and other considerations. Checklists regarding the insurance claims process, working with contractors and principles for rebuilding a healthy home are part of the toolkit. These facts sheets contain valuable information and can be made available as handouts to visitors to the MARC (or other operation).