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Planning, Training & Exercise Branch

The Planning, Training & Exercise Branch is responsible for statewide, all-hazards emergency preparedness, including ongoing enhancement of Ohio's Emergency Operations Plan, coordination of local and state plans, training of emergency management professionals and development of exercises to validate capabilities.

Preparedness activities

  • Updating and maintaining the Ohio’s All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Supporting the Emergency Operations Center by providing training for local, state, federal and non-governmental organization personnel on EOC operations.
  • Supporting the State EOC and Watch Office during all levels of activation.
  • Conducting a comprehensive county emergency operations plans review, identifying gaps on the emergency measures that are essential for protecting the public, every four years for all 88 counties in the State of Ohio.
  • Engage with local emergency managers and other community stakeholders to provide ample resources for emergency planning and preparedness activities.
  • Coordinating and facilitating Ohio's participation in the following interstate and intrastate mutual aid agreements.
  • Facilitating After-Action-Reviews of state disaster response, recovery and exercises.
  • Develop and maintain the State of Ohio Threats and Hazards Identification Risk Assessment and the Stakeholders Preparedness Report (THIRA/SPR).
  • Coordinate and maintain the continuity of operations plans for the Ohio Department of Public Safety and other state agencies.
  • Coordinate and conduct the Ohio Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training and Exercise programs.
  • Develop and maintain exercise toolkits for partner agencies and public organizations to assess plans, policies and procedures, and systems needed to guide the prevention of, response to, or recovery from an emergency.