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Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Office is responsible for all official administration interactions with the news media, to include coordination of information relating to general emergency management news or topic requiring an institutional response.

We are committed to promoting maximum awareness and use of Ohio EMA assistance, and to ensuring the state of Ohio speaks with one voice to all audiences, including local, state, and federal government agencies, the media, state and federal legislatures, and the general public.

Public Affairs emphasizes the governor's priorities in emergency planning and programming while maintaining effective relationships with the media to reinforce public confidence in the integrity of the state of Ohio's actions to prepare for, respond to and recover from all-hazards.

The Public Affairs Office:

  • Answers media calls concerning emergency management activities and generates press releases and public notices on EMA activities
  • Is an active component of the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Committee
  • Coordinates activities with the governor's press office, FEMA, and other local, state and federal entities
  • Works with FEMA Community Relations during federally declared disasters to link into communities regarding available assistance