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EMA Watch Office

The Ohio EMA Watch Office operates 24/7, 365 days a year as a daily extension of the State of Ohio’s Emergency Operations Center (State EOC). The team is responsible for establishing and maintaining the State EOC’s Common Operating Picture so that stakeholders and leadership can make informed, response-driving decisions.

  • Awareness: Situations requiring a coordinated planning or response effort from local, state, and potentially federal partners are monitored for around the clock. The Watch Office remains vigilant for HIRA-based hazards as well as local incidents indicating the potential need for state support.
  • Coordination: Watch Office analysts are always ready to respond to a situation necessitating a coordinated response. Analysts can be reached by County EMA partners 24/7 and are prepared to coordinate response between State EOC partners to support local needs.
  • Readiness: Recommendations from the Watch Office equip the Ohio EMA executive staff with information needed to properly posture the State EOC. When activated, the State EOC's Assessment Room is led by Watch Office staff and manned by Watch Office-trained personnel.

Ohio Sentry

Ohio Sentry from the Ohio EMA Watch Office is a collection of real-time monitoring tools and featured applications to enable federal, state, and local partners to stay better informed on forecast hazards and impacts to Ohio's Community Lifelines meeting the State of Ohio's EOC Critical Information Requirements.