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Ohio Emergency Management Agency

ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Master Exercise Practitioners In Ohio

Master Exercise Practitioner Program (MEPP)

Congratulations to the following Master Exercise Practitioners (MEPs) who are either from the State of Ohio or completed the MEPP while in Ohio:

NameAward Date
Barrett, Aaron
Bechtel, Justin8/20/2009
Bell, Christopher4/7/2011
Bobal, Mark
Bowell, James3/24/2011
Brizzolara, Anthony8/31/2006
Bunting, Vikki S.
Burdiss, Marc4/27/2006
Burford, Ronald8/30/2007
Clouse, Keven6/17/2010
Coons, David (Mike)2/10/2005
Csank, Jackelyn5/6/2010
Deskins, Dan3/12/2009
Dillon, Steve5/6/2010
Dodson, Darren L.
Dunham, John4/7/2011
Ellis, John11/6/2008
Endrizzi, Daniel8/28/2008
Ferenczy, William11/6/2008
Folsom, Kenneth8/31/2006
Fetscher, Joseph3/1/2007
Gibson, Pamela9/2/2004
Golden-Vest, Sandi5/6/2010
Harbaugh, Seth10/1/2009
Haukedahl, Lorie8/28/2008
Kato, Kristi8/28/2008
Kean, Wayne9/29/2011
Killmer, Peter3/1/2007
Lautz, Jerome (Jerry)2/28/2008
Lemin, Nichole8/28/2008
Lyon, Barb2/28/2008
McElroy, Jeffrey3/24/2011
McLandsborough, Ami3/24/2011
McQuiston, Jared4/7/2011
Medley, Steven9/2/2004
McVey, Timothy K.
Michaels, Jeffrey9/28/2006
Monell, Donna3/24/2011
Newcomer, Shari6/17/2010
Pfeiffer, Daniel
Price, Darren4/22/2004
Radel, Darlene7/15/2010
Redden, Marty6/17/2010
Ransopher, Elizabeth3/24/2011
Rhoades, Robert6/9/2005
Rose, Melissa8/20/2009
Shelton, Shoshana4/27/2006
Scaife, Heidi Beth
Southward, James2/28/2008
Smith, Dudley4/27/2006
Thomas, J.R.
Turner, Allen9/27/2007
Turner, Scott4/7/2011
Vargovich, Tara
Verbiak, Cynthia6/7/2007
Vorhees, Janet2/28/2008
Walker, Jeffrey8/31/2006

   Ohio EMA's Training Partners

Wright State University FEMA Emergency Management Institute National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC) Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Energetic Materials and Research Testing Center) (EMRTC) NCBRT - National Center for Biomedical Research and Training - Academy of Counter-Terrorism Education at Louisiana State University Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (NERRTC) U.S. Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site - Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS)