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Ohio Emergency Management Agency

ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Operations Division

Operations Division

The Operations Division is one of four divisions of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency. The Operations Division consists of four branches: Plans; Field Operations, Training & Exercise; Readiness & Response; and Radiological. These branches comprehensively encompass all four phases of emergency management and provide CRITICAL interfaces to Ohio's county emergency management directors. In addition, the Operations Division is responsible for operating Ohio's Emergency Operations Center during disasters and exercises.

Key areas of focus

  • Anti-terrorism training, planning and exercises
  • School safety planning
  • All hazard planning
  • Emergency Operations Center coordination during exercises and disasters
  • Liaison with local emergency management agencies, state agencies and organizations
  • Education and training for state and local emergency management personnel
  • Assistance in exercise design
  • Provide 24-hour response capability to radiation emergencies
  • Maintaining the capability to respond to radiological incidents, including response to a nuclear power plant incident