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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Unified HMA Workshop

Unified HMA Program Workshop

Bringing Your Local Hazard Mitigation Plan to Life!


Attendees of this workshop should be able to better understand hazard mitigation funding opportunities available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Unified Hazard Mitigation (Unified HMA) programs and how to take advantage of these funding opportunities to implement mitigation actions identified in your community's local hazard mitigation plan (LHMP) or implement activity consistent with the LHMP's goals and objectives.

Materials Provided:

  • Handouts of PowerPoint Slides
  • HMA Program Comparison fact sheet
  • Benefit-cost analysis software from FEMA
  • e-Grants users manual

Scheduling a Unified HMA Program Workshop:

To schedule a Unified HMA Program Workshop at your location contact:

Mitigation Branch
Phone: (614) 799-3539

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