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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Business Continuity: Disaster in the Workplace Toolkit

Business Continuity: Disaster in the Workplace Tabletop Exercise Toolkit

Businesses are often susceptible to unexpected events that may alter daily operations and work flow.  To assist in preparation for such an event this toolkit was developed so that it might be easily modified to fit any type/size business venue.

Emergency preparedness exercises can be a daunting and costly undertaking. This exercise toolkit is designed to provide a simple step-by-step guide, as well as other ready-made resources, to make planning and conducting an exercise straightforward and virtually cost free.

The Business Continuity: Disaster in the Workplace Tabletop Exercise Toolkit provides all of the materials and information necessary to easily plan and host an exercise. The toolkit incorporates feedback received from the private sector:

The exercise covers three main objectives:

  1. Incident Assessment and Notification – leadership’s ability to process and disseminate accurate information regarding the nature and extent of the hazard, any cascading effects, and the status of the response while providing this information with staff and first responders in a timely and direct manner.
  2. Population/Critical Systems Protective Actions – demonstrate, in accordance with applicable plans, policies, and procedures, the capability of business leadership to develop an action plan and safely implement protective actions to protect staff and essential infrastructure/commodities during and post disaster.
  3. Business Continuity – demonstrate leaderships’ ability in decision making for the resumption of business activities in a timely, efficient and sustainable manner.

Exercise toolkit materials include:

  • PowerPoint Presentation for the exercise
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Participant Situation Manual
  • Planning Timeline
  • Meeting & Support Documents

To register and obtain immediate access to the Business Continuity: Disaster in the Workplace Tabletop Exercise Toolkit, you will be prompted to provide: your name, your agency/business, e-mail address and location. This information allows Ohio EMA to see who is accessing the toolkit, as well as where the material is being used. All of the materials in the toolkit to plan and facilitate a business continuity scenario tabletop exercise are available to download, free.

To download the materials please click HERE

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