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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Security Grants for Nonprofits (H.B. No. 384)

Notice of Funding Opportunity

Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA)
Security Grants for Nonprofits (H.B. No. 384)

Period of Performance: April 19, 2017 -- June 30, 2018

 Security Grants for Nonprofits (H.B. No. 384) The Ohio EMA Security Grants for Nonprofits program provides funding to nonprofit organizations for eligible security improvements that assist the organization in preventing, preparing for, and responding to acts of terrorism. Deadline for submission: March 20, 2017.


House Bill 384 of the 131st General Assembly authorizes the Ohio EMA to provide grant funding to nonprofit organizations for eligible security improvements that assist the organization in preventing, preparing for, and responding to acts of terrorism. Each nonprofit may apply for up to $100,000 to expend on eligible program costs. The full grant solicitation can be found below. A reminder all three documents (solicitation, product list, and tiered document) will be required to download and use to fully complete the application. The application/assessment requires the use of the tiered document and product list.

“Nonprofit organization” means a corporation, association, group, institution, society, or other organization that is exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the “Internal Revenue Code of 1986,” 100 Stat. 2085, 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3), as amended. House Bill 384 details that awards under this initiative will:

      (1) Identify and substantiate prior threats or attacks by a terrorist organization, network, or cell
      against the nonprofit organization;
      (2) Indicate the symbolic or strategic value of one or more sites that renders the site a
      possible target of terrorism;
      (3) Discuss potential consequences to the organization if the site is damaged, destroyed, or
      disrupted by a terrorist;
      (4) Describe how the grant will be used to integrate organizational preparedness with broader
      state and local preparedness efforts;
      (5) Submit a vulnerability assessment conducted by experienced security, law enforcement,
      or military personnel and a description of how the grant award will be used to address the
      vulnerabilities identified in the assessment.

How to apply?

 Security Grants for Nonprofits (H.B. No. 384)       (1) Download, read and follow all parts
      outlined in the solicitation (link to the
      solicitation attached).
      (2) A formal application includes two
      documents: (Incomplete applications
      will not be considered)
          a. Each applicant must fully complete
          and submit an application (Pages
          7 – 9 of the solicitation).
          b. Each applicant must include its
          vulnerability/risk assessment and
          describe how the award will be used to
          address the vulnerabilities identified in
          the assessment. The vulnerability/risk assessment should be conducted by experienced
          security, law enforcement, or military personnel. (Pages 10 – 22 of the solicitation)


      (1) Solicitation
      (2) Appendix: Tiered Document
      (3) Appendix: Product List


1) What are the 5 requirements of the grant?
          a. Each applicant must meet and illustrate all 5 items in the required criteria located in
            Section VII of the grant solicitation to be eligible to apply.

2) Who can apply?
          a. Part III, Section V of the solicitation outlines the eligibility criteria;

3) What is the new deadline?
          a. All applications must be post marked by March 20, 2017. Applications should only
            be mailed. In person drop off is not allowed.;

4) What is included in an application?
          a. Each application must include:
              i. A competed application;
              ii. A completed vulnerability assessment;
              iii. Supporting documentation (bids/quotes/ex.)

5) What is the address for delivery?
          a. All applications can be mailed to the following:
              i. Office of the Director (ATTN: HB 384)
              ii. Department of Public Safety
              iii. 1970 West Broad Street
              iv. Columbus, OH 43223

6) How much can each non-profit apply for?
          a. Part 2, Section A of the solicitation outlines funding for the grant;

7) What is considered "terrorism"?
          a. For guidance, terrorism can be considered to be any act taken by a group or individual,
            whereas the act is used to Intimidate or coerce the non-profit organization,
            its employees, or affiliates; AND used to Influence the policy of the
            non-profit or any government authority by intimidation or coercion; AND affects
            the conduct of the non-profit or any government authority by the act.

8) Can a nonprofit combine multiple chapters/structures into a single application?
          a. Each chapter/structure much complete its own application and security assessment;

9) Can a nonprofit apply for multiple structures on a single campus?
          a. Each structure will need their own application and assessment completed;

10) What about multiple non-profits in one building?
          a. Each non-profit would need to apply separately, and provide their own assessment.

11) Can a non-profit apply on behalf of another entity/organization?
          a. No.

12) What training is required for awardees?
          a. All awarded applicants will receive additional details regarding this.

13) Can items not listed on the provided list be applied for?
          a. Yes, however priority will be given to those on the provided list.

14) Can one assessment be done for multiple properties?
          a. No, each property/chapter/building must complete an assessment

15) Can grant money be used to hire private security or law enforcement?
          a. No.

16) What can’t the funds be used for?
          a. A list of funding restrictions can be found in VI of the solicitation.

17) What does an assessor need to qualify?
      a. The assessor needs to either be law enforcement, military, or security professional with
        more than 2 years’ experience.

18) What can be purchased with grant funds?
          a. A list of items can be found on the website.

19) How can I find an assessor?
          a. Please contact securitygrants@dps.ohio.gov;

20) What about modifications after the award?
          a. Modifications will be handled on a case by case basis and the awardee must contact
            securitygrants@dps.ohio.gov; prior to preforming any work.

21) Can an organization use the grant to reimburse previous expenditures?
          a. No, only new purchases will be considered.

22) Can an organization apply for items to be installed in a new build, or facility under construction?
          a. All grant items must be installed by 6/30/18 to be eligible.

If you have any questions, please contact securitygrants@dps.ohio.gov.