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Ohio Emergency Management Agency

ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Preparedness Grants Branch

Preparedness Grants Branch

Kathleen Nelson, Chief
(614) 799-3836

Welcome to the Preparedness Grants webpage. This site provides an avenue for you to become familiar with the suite of grant programs the Ohio EMA Preparedness Grants Branch manages. This webpage provides links to guidance documents, references, forms, templates and training aids to assist in preparing communities for a variety of hazards that may pose a threat to life and property. In this way, the Preparedness Grants Branch is committed to fillings gaps and bolstering response capabilities to partner with you to ensure a Safer Ohio.

Federal Grant Retention Schedule

Federal Grant Retention Schedule 03 29 17

Policy Statements

Sub-recipient Quarterly Reporting Policy Statement 2015 (3)
Inventory Records and Required Certification Policy Statement 2015 (1)
Procurement Policy Statement 2015 (2)

Preparedness Grants Specialist Regions Map

Kathleen Nelson, Branch Chief knelson@dps.ohio.gov (614) 799-3836

Margo Schramm, Supervisor mlschramm@dps.ohio.gov (614) 799-3843

HS Regions 1 & 2 Dan Green dpgreen@dps.ohio.gov (614) 799-3820
HS Regions 3 & 6 Andy Loreno abloreno@dps.ohio.gov (614) 799-3683
HS Regions 4 & 7 Tim Manns trmanns@dps.ohio.gov (614) 799-3682
HS Regions 5 & 8 Rudi Blaser rblaser@dps.ohio.gov (614) 799-3825