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ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Local Plan Development Guidance

Development, Review and Maintenance of Local Emergency Operations Plans

This site offers information and links to guidance on the development, review and maintenance of local Emergency Operations Plans (EOP), including the fundamentals of the emergency planning process. It is designed to assist in the development of a capability for effective participation in the all-hazard emergency operations planning process.

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA) continues to deliver a one-day course entitled, Developing and Maintaining Local Emergency Operations Plans. This course is presented locally upon request and sponsorship of county emergency management agencies. A prerequisite to course participation is the successful completion of FEMA’s Online Independent Study Emergency Planning course - IS-235.B.

Ohio EMA’s one-day emergency planning course is designed to assist emergency management personnel who are actively involved in the development of local emergency operations plans. The course presents an "Ohioized" view of emergency operations planning information that we feel is important for county-level and municipal-level emergency management staff to have.

The components of Ohio EMA’s one-day Plan Development course are:

Course Introduction

Provides an overview of how a jurisdiction’s agency-based plans interact to create an interoperable set of response plans.

System of Plans

Provides an overview of the emergency planning process, including the steps involved, and how to determine who should be a part of the emergency planning team.

Planning Tools

Introduces the most important planning resources to use to ensure that a jurisdiction’s emergency operations plans and procedures are effectively organized and NIMS-compliant.

Courses Of Action

A presentation of a system for analyzing and assessing inputs to aid in deciding courses of action to employ in disaster response.

Plan Construction

Introduces functional annexes, Emergency Support Functions and hazard-specific appendices, including their purposes and the differences between annexes and appendices. Introduces the different types of implementing instructions (Standard Operating Procedures, checklists, job aids, etc.) that are developed and maintained at the agency level.

The Plan Development Process

Provides an overview of the emergency planning process, including the steps involved, and how to determine who should be a part of the emergency planning team.

Course Review - Next Steps

This unit summarizes the course and facilitates a discussion of next steps to take in the emergency operations planning process.

Plan Development and Review Guidance

In May 2013, Ohio EMA updated its primary local EOP development and review guidance documents:

This guidance document was initially developed in 1999 by a joint committee of State and local EMA officials.

The State of Ohio’s Plan Development and Review Guidance supplements the guidance found in FEMA's Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101 (CPG 101): Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans.

Local EMAs and planning entities should use both the federal and state guidance in the development and maintenance of their plans. One such document is FEMA’s Target Capabilities List User Guide to accompany the Target Capabilities List itself.

Other Guidance

Guidance on how to ensure that your local emergency operations plan is NIMS-compliant can be found at http://ema.ohio.gov/NimsGuidance.aspx.

Guidance and working documents to ensure that your community is prepared to respond to the receipt, storage and distribution of Strategic National Stockpile material can be found at http://www.ema.ohio.gov/SNSGuidance.aspx.


Questions on plan development and review are welcome and should be forwarded to Brad Schwartz, State Planner, Ohio Emergency Management Agency, at: baschwartz@dps.state.oh.us.